Joint Strategic Alliance with Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services launching a Cyber Security Service

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CyberWolfe Inc. forms a Strategic Alliance with Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services launching a joint Cyber Security Service

As the sophistication of corporate information technology infrastructure increases, so too does the ability of cyber security criminals to adapt quickly and develop new ways to penetrate corporate and public systems. It is estimated that in 2021, a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds and the cost of these attacks is estimated to be approximately $6 trillion.

As these threats increase in frequency and scope, organizations recognize the need to address and manage this risk. However, what organizations have come to realize is that there is a special skill set required and that there is a growing shortage of cyber security experts in Canada. At stake is a company’s client data, operating systems, and ultimately their profitability and viability.

“The solution for many businesses is to consider outsourcing their cyber security needs. A Managed Security Services Provider working with your Chief Information Security Officer can help develop a cyber security strategy and governance plan focusing on the appropriate compliance program for your company and industry”

RJ Sahi, Sr. VP Strategic Partnerships, CyberWolfe Inc. 

“Today, Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services is announcing a Strategic Alliance with CyberWolfe Inc. This relationship will bring together the cyber security skills, knowledge, and experience of CyberWolfe and Cover-All’s Managed Services Provider best practices for managing and hosting a physical Cyber Security Operations Centre at our Data Centre in Markham, Ontario.”

Steve Leggett, Managing Director, Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services.

Compliance is a critical component of any cyber security strategy. Providing evidence of compliance with policies, standards, laws, and regulations is standard practice, however keeping up with changing rules and regulations has made this challenging for many organizations. The development and implementation of a corporate security strategy has become so critical that organizations are increasingly establishing the position of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at the board level.

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Cover-All Managed Cloud & IT Services is an MSP delivering cost effective solutions for Managed Cloud, Managed IT, Cyber Security, Co-Location, Backup & Recovery/DR and Cloud & IT Consulting Services.


CyberWolfe was founded in 2020 by a University of Toronto educator and student who teamed up to build a highly skilled and technical team comprised of individuals committed to mitigating cyber risk that is actively threatening Canadian businesses today. All members are graduates of the University of Toronto accelerated cyber security program, and have diverse backgrounds and skill sets to assess, analyze and report on the security of your organization’s IT environment. For more information on our Services please call us at 1-877-542-9237 or visit our website at

Written by: CyberWolfe

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