Application Security

Ensure your Applications are secure from conception to production

Application security entails API, Code and Architectural level analysis. This can be substantial amount of work depending on the features and functions expected of the program.

We seek to understand at the most intimate level, and in consultation assist in coding “peer review” to help influence a cybersecurity culture that will help structure our client’s development processes. This will save both time and effort and benefit the client from sound compliant oversight of their information security environment. At the final phase, we want to ensure there are no vulnerabilities deployed within our client’s applications.

CyberWolfe can work with your developers to harden the application architecture through integrating best practices within application production by coordinating with developers and assisting with inclusion of security features that tune developers code to reduce security vulnerabilities.

  • We can help with authentication configurations to ensure that only authorized users gain access to the applications, whether the platform requires the user to provide a standard username and password or multifactor credentials to login into an application.

  • Review authorization mechanisms needed to validate permissions to access and use the applications.

  • Application traffic, data at rest, or API specific communications encryption may be suggested to protect sensitive data from being seen or even accessed by unauthorized actors.

  • Include application access logging (AAL) mechanisms which can help identify who has access to the applications and by what means.

  • Application commissioning and penetration testing is the last development step necessary to ensure all above security controls and features operate effectively to reduce cyber risk especially in a Cloud environment.

Let your Developers be at ease by ensuring your Applications are secure. Get in touch with CyberWolfe today!