Container Security

Containers are great and lightweight, we often forget about its security!

Pre-Cloud architecture models, legacy tools and processes can’t effectively meet modern cloud visibility of dynamic container environments. The short lifespan of most containers makes it difficult to both monitor for an attack or investigate a breach.

Our Cloud Dev/SecOps teams are acute at developing strong secure and compliant oversight tools to assist moving cloud applications into production.

  • We will focus on OWASP’s top 10 compliance approaches

  • Help organizations find vulnerabilities within source code through static code analysis

  • Build a CI/CD pipeline adding a security scanner which will continuously scan code, base images and identify vulnerabilities and close attack surfaces.

  • Our approach is to do threat modeling, finding flaws early in the development stage before too much effort has been expended on development

  • Conduct application security assessments to isolate design inconsistencies and look for any weak points in architecture from WAFs, load balancers, microservices, containerization base application perspectives.

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