Identity Access Management Services (IAM)

Make sure access is controlled and Federated

Identity and Access Management practices need to be integrated into all of your policies and technologies to ensure that users in either internal or external network environments gain appropriate access to IT resources. 

Managing identity permissions across network protocols, digital certificates, passwordsproducts, applications, and platforms will need to be purpose built from a cybersecurity perspective. Our framework approach defines your access management system requirements that not only identifies, authenticates, and authorizes individuals who will be utilizing IT resources, but also the hardware and applications users need to access. 

It has never been more critical to understand todays Canadian cyber environment given the recent drafting and soon to be passed through Parliament is Bill C-11. If you are not familiar with the proposed regulatory compliance requirements of Bill C-11 please take some time to review and then call us to discuss what impact this regulation may have on your firm. 

CyberWolfe can design and build custom configurations that will protect your company’s intellectual property and privileged client information with solid Identity and Access Management solution based on Zero Trust.  


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