Cloud Security

Don't leave your Cloud Environments open for unauthorized access

Almost every organization is looking to move various infrastructure platforms to the cloud in order to keep a competitive advantage or gain efficiency. Two important components of any organization’s digital footprint are the IT Architecture and its cybersecurity features, tools, and configurations.

At CyberWolfe, we allow clients to have complete transparency of their cloud security posture, compliance ready secure zero trust architecture, monitored and automated incident response and A.I based threat learning.

Whether already in the Cloud or planning to move, standards-based frameworks need to be in place and best practices employed to ensure confidence in your data security.

  • We are experienced cloud security specialists including Azure and AWS. We start with an assessment to find gaps and buildout a tailored concept.

  • We will use event driven architecture (Micro-services within Azure and AWS) as an example for continuous monitoring and alerts at the earliest stages of an incident.

  • Our execution of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework provides an excellent process should remediation be required.

  • We will scan your environment regularly, develop and maintain security policies to control user/service behavior from a governance standpoint and protect confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your systems.

We will leverage cloud native services to develop solutions which will reduce time and effort of your IT team so they can focus on business operations.

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